10 Best Cake Shops in Singapore [2024]: Indulging in the Finest Sweet Treats

Did you know that Singapore is home to over 2,000 cake shops? From traditional bakeries to modern patisseries, the city-state offers a diverse array of delectable treats for dessert enthusiasts. Whether you’re craving a classic slice or an innovative confection, these top-notch establishments have something for every palate. Get ready to explore the most mouthwatering cakes in Singapore!

1. Fieldnotes Cake Boutique:

Website: Fieldnotes Cake Boutique

Location: 41 Neil Road, Singapore, S’088824


  • Offers a wide array of cakes, sweets, gifting options, and decor, including whole cakes, two-tier cakes, cake bundles, cookies, tarts, tea cakes, and brownies.

  • Promises freshly made-to-order cakes with unique flavors inspired by nature, utilizing fruits, tea, herbs, and cacao.

  • Provides islandwide delivery services, including free flexi-delivery for orders above $120, and a dine-in experience store at Neil Road.

Fieldnotes is a popular destination in Singapore for anyone seeking meticulously crafted and aesthetically pleasing cakes and pastries. Situated on Neil Road, this bakery offers an extensive selection of cakes, sweets, and customized gifting options suitable for various occasions. Each creation is freshly made to order, ensuring top quality and taste. The bakery prides itself on its unique nature-inspired flavors, integrating elements like fruits, tea, herbs, and cacao into their recipes. Beyond their delectable offerings, Fieldnotes also boasts over 10 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, having produced over 50,000 cakes and earning trust from numerous leading brands. Whether for a simple craving, a grand celebration, or a corporate event, Fieldnotes stands out as a premium choice for exquisite cakes and pastries in Singapore.

2. Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes:

Website: Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes

Location: 11 Cavan Road #01-03 Singapore 209848


  • Specializes in a wide variety of custom and designer cakes for different occasions, including children’s, longevity, wedding, and festive cakes.

  • Offers an extensive range of cake types such as 3D cakes, money pulling cakes, edible image cakes, and gourmet bakes.

  • Provides options for personalization and themed cakes tailored for both him and her, reflecting unique and creative designs.

Le Petit Empire Designer Cakes in Singapore stands out with its extensive range of creative and customizable cake options. Since 2012, they have been serving up a delightful array of specialty cakes for all sorts of occasions, be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any celebratory event. With a keen focus on unique designs, their cakes are not just desserts; they are a form of art with intricate details and innovative themes. The bakery’s offerings include 3D cakes, money-themed cakes, and edible image cakes, among others, ensuring a memorable and personalized experience for each client. Whether it’s a luxurious wedding cake or a playful children’s birthday cake, Designer Cakes brings a personal touch to every creation, making each celebration a little more special.

3. Temptations Cakes:

Website: Temptations Cakes

Location: 199 Sims Ave, Singapore 387503


  • Offers a variety of cake options including signature cakes, birthday cakes, customized cakes, eggless cakes, and seasonal offerings like Christmas cakes.

  • Known for a wide range of flavors including traditional and innovative ones like Durian Cakes, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, and Buttercream Cakes.

  • Provides same-day cake delivery across Singapore, ensuring fresh and prompt arrival for all occasions.

Temptations Cakes is a well-established cake shop in Singapore, delighting customers with its wide range of delectable cakes and treats. From signature chocolate mousse to premium durian cakes, their offerings cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs, including eggless options. They are particularly celebrated for their custom cake designs, which are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. The bakery takes pride in its use of quality ingredients and the artistic flair of its cake designs, ensuring every cake is as delightful to look at as it is to taste. With a convenient online ordering system and same-day delivery service, Temptations makes it easy to enjoy a sweet treat or celebrate a special moment with a delicious, beautifully crafted cake.

4. Sooperlicious Cakes:

Website: Sooperlicious

Location: 183 Jln Pelikat, B1-44, Singapore 537643


  • Specializes in handcrafted cakes, including awe-inspiring 3D designs, gourmet cakes, cupcakes, and printed cakes.

  • Offers customization options allowing clients to choose their preferred flavor, sugar level, size, and design.

  • Committed to quality with premium ingredients like pure butter and reduced sugar, ensuring rich, decadent flavors.

Sooperlicious takes pride in creating more than just cakes; they craft experiences. Located in Singapore, this bakery is dedicated to bringing dreams to life through their wide array of cake options, including lifelike 3D designed cakes, indulgent gourmet cakes, and delightful cupcakes. Every cake is a testament to their commitment to quality, made from scratch with the finest ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a showstopping centerpiece for a special occasion or a sweet treat to brighten your day, Sooperlicious promises a rich, decadent experience. With the option to customize every aspect of the cake, from flavor to design, customers are assured a unique and personal creation every time. This bakery’s passion for baking shines through in every bite, making it a go-to destination for those in search of truly special cakes in Singapore.

5. Yours Sincerely Bakery:

Website: Yours Sincerely Bakery

Location: Sims Avenue, Eunos, Singapore


  • Specializes in custom cakes, offering unique and innovative designs like money pulling, pinata, and drinkable cakes, as well as sweet treats and accessories.

  • Ensures freshly baked and personally designed cakes, with an emphasis on quality and individuality, avoiding mass production.

  • Provides island-wide delivery services, making it convenient for customers to enjoy their cakes anywhere in Singapore.

Yours Sincerely Bakery is a destination for those in search of distinctive, custom-made cakes in Singapore. The bakery prides itself on its ability to turn cake baking into an art, offering a variety of imaginative designs like money pulling, pinata, and drinkable cakes alongside a selection of sweet treats. Each creation is baked fresh and designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the customer, ensuring a unique product every time. With a commitment to quality and taste, the bakery uses only the finest ingredients in all its cakes. Additionally, with its easy online ordering system and island-wide delivery service, Yours Sincerely Bakery makes it simple and convenient for customers to enjoy a special, customized cake for any occasion, whether they are celebrating at home or elsewhere in Singapore. The bakery’s dedication to crafting one-of-a-kind cakes with a personal touch has made it a favored choice for cake enthusiasts across the city.

6. Honeypeachsg Bakery:

Website: Honeypeachsg Bakery

Location: Taiseng Point, 11 Irving Place, #01-01, Singapore 369551 (By appointment only)


  • Offers a wide variety of cakes including birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and corporate event cakes with customizable options to match party themes and favorite flavors.

  • Provides affordable delivery rates within Singapore, including a promotion of a flat rate of $9.90 for islandwide delivery.

  • Emphasizes quality in every aspect, using premium ingredients and offering a range of cake flavors that are less sweet, moist, and soft.

Honeypeachsg Bakery has established itself as a notable online bakery in Singapore, specializing in custom and thematic cakes for various occasions. They pride themselves on creating cakes that are not only visually appealing but also cater to the taste preferences of their customers. With an emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients and intricate designs, the bakery ensures that each cake is a special part of your celebration. Their affordable delivery service, commitment to punctuality, and the option for last-minute orders make them a convenient choice for those needing a quality cake in a short timeframe. Whether for a birthday, wedding, or corporate event, Honeypeachsg Bakery is dedicated to making your celebration memorable with a perfect cake. Their testimonials and high ratings reflect their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, making them a trusted name in the Singapore cake delivery service.

7. RÓA:

Website: RÓA

Location: 9 Chin Bee Drive #04-05 Innovate360, Singapore 619860


  • Known for its artisanal and innovative approach to patisserie, RÓA offers a range of cakes that are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and eggless.

  • Utilizes unique ingredients like avocados, organic brown rice milk, and psyllium husk to create lighter, healthier versions of traditional desserts.

  • Gained popularity and acclaim for their guilt-free indulgences, appealing to health-conscious individuals and those with dietary restrictions.

RÓA is an artisanal patisserie in Singapore that has revolutionized the simple chocolate cake into a health-conscious delight. The bakery stands out for its commitment to creating decadent desserts that are guilt-free and accommodate various dietary restrictions. Their products are entirely vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and eggless, appealing to a wide audience, including those with specific health or ethical considerations. Using innovative ingredients like avocados instead of butter and organic brown rice milk, RÓA ensures that every cake is not only delicious but also lighter in calories. Their dedication to quality and health has not gone unnoticed, with accolades from customers and celebrities alike. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious treat or a sweet indulgence that aligns with your dietary needs, RÓA offers a range of cakes and desserts that promise satisfaction without compromise.

8. Monice Bakes:

Website: Monice Bakes

Location: Singapore (Specific location not listed, operates primarily online)


  • Known for offering the “Best Customised Cake in Singapore.”

  • Provides a variety of customizable cakes and cupcakes for different occasions including birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and corporate functions.

  • Focuses on health by ensuring cakes are freshly baked with quality ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial flavorings, and with reduced sugar levels.

Monice Bakes is a popular online bakery based in Singapore, celebrated for its customisable cakes and cupcakes. They offer a wide range of designs, all handcrafted according to customer preferences. Whether it’s for a birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, Monice Bakes aims to make your celebration more special with a personalized touch. Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of fresh, preservative-free ingredients and a reduced sugar approach, catering to health-conscious consumers without compromising on taste. Each creation is touted to be delicious, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing, living up to their reputation as providers of the “Best Customised Cake in Singapore”. With glowing reviews and a passionate following on social media, Monice Bakes is a go-to for anyone looking to indulge in personalized, tasty treats for any occasion.

9. Baker’s Brew:

Website: Baker’s Brew

Locations: Multiple locations including Causeway Point, Great World, JEM, Paragon Cafe, Sembawang, Tampines Mall, and Upper Thomson in Singapore.


  • Offers a wide variety of artisanal cakes and customised cakes designed for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

  • Runs comprehensive baking classes for adults and kids, as well as corporate team building and private classes.

  • Committed to quality and delicious cakes, using only the finest ingredients for their creations.

Baker’s Brew is renowned as a leading cake shop and bakery in Singapore, known for spreading the joy of baking with its high-quality and delicious cakes. Since its humble beginnings in 2015, the bakery has grown to multiple locations across Singapore, offering an impressive range of artisanal cakes and customizable options. Whether for a special occasion or a corporate event, Baker’s Brew creates celebratory cakes that add a touch of elegance and delight to any celebration. The bakery is also dedicated to sharing its passion for baking with the community through a variety of baking classes, catering to everyone from beginners to more experienced bakers. With a commitment to excellence and a diverse selection of cakes and baked goods, Baker’s Brew continues to be a favorite among those looking to make their celebrations both memorable and tasty.

10. Cat & the Fiddle:

Website: Cat & the Fiddle

Location: Multiple locations in Singapore, including Tai Seng


  • Singapore’s first online specialist cheesecake store, offering a diverse range of cheesecakes for various preferences and occasions.

  • Known for its innovative mix and match cake options, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of cheesecake flavors in one order.

  • 100% MUIS Halal-certified, ensuring inclusivity and adherence to dietary guidelines.

Cat & the Fiddle has revolutionized the way cheesecakes are enjoyed in Singapore by introducing the country’s first online specialist cheesecake store. They offer a wide variety of artisanal cheesecakes, each crafted with premium ingredients to cater to the diverse tastes of their customers. From the creamy classics to inventive flavors that incorporate local and international tastes, there’s a cheesecake for every palate. Notably, their mix and match cake options provide a novel way to enjoy multiple flavors in one go, perfect for those who love variety. All their creations are 100% MUIS Halal-certified, making them a popular choice among all communities. With their focus on quality, innovation, and inclusivity, Cat & the Fiddle continues to be a celebrated name in Singapore’s dessert scene, spreading joy and indulgence with every slice.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth with Singapore’s Best Cakes

Delectable Cakes

Sink your teeth into a slice of delicious cake from Singapore’s best cake shops. These establishments offer an array of sweet treats that are sure to satisfy any craving for something sweet. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic sponge cake, decadent chocolate fudge cake, creamy cheesecake, or a unique matcha creation, these bakeries have got you covered.

Treat yourself to the perfect balance of flavors and textures meticulously crafted into every slice of cake. Indulge in the richness of a chocolate tart, savor the sweetness of fruity flavors, or opt for something more adventurous like a vegan chocolate tart. From light and airy pastries to rich and creamy desserts, there’s something for every palate at Singapore’s best cake shops.

Crafted with Precision

Each mouthwatering creation is made with precision and passion by expert bakers who take pride in delivering top-notch quality with every bite. The attention to detail shines through in each dessert as they strive to ensure that every customer experiences pure delight with every visit.

Immerse yourself in the world of sweet delights where even classics like ice cream and salted caramel red velvet are elevated to new heights. And if you’re looking for something refreshing, don’t miss out on their delectable milkshakes which perfectly complement their range of cakes and pastries.

Celebrating Special Occasions at Premier Cake Shops

Tailored Creations

Premier cake shops in Singapore excel at creating customized cakes for any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, these establishments craft innovative creations that perfectly suit the event. From elegant designs to intricate details, they ensure that each cake is a unique masterpiece tailored to elevate the celebration.

These bakeries such as Bloomsbury Bakers and Edith Patisserie take pride in offering a wide range of options for their customers. They work closely with clients to understand their preferences and requirements, ensuring that every aspect of the cake aligns with the theme and significance of the occasion. For instance, if it’s a wedding anniversary, they can incorporate elements from the couple’s journey into the design of the cake.

Partner Promotions

One notable feature offered by premier cake shops is their collaborations with other local businesses and artisans. For example, Baker Boy partners with various local brands to infuse unique flavors into their cakes. This not only adds an element of exclusivity but also showcases local flavors through delectable confections.

Moreover, these establishments often keep up-to-date with seasonal promotions and offers exclusive deals during festive periods like Christmas or Chinese New Year. Customers can benefit from partner promotions where they may receive complimentary items such as blooms or beverages along with their custom cake orders.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Cake Shop

Quality and Variety

When selecting the best cake shop in Singapore, it’s crucial to prioritize quality ingredients and a diverse range of options. Look for a bakery that uses quality ingredients to ensure that the cakes not only taste delicious but also meet high standards of freshness and flavor. Consider the variety offered by the shop. A good cake shop should have an extensive range of flavors, designs, and types of cakes to cater to different preferences and dietary requirements.

It’s important to read customer reviews as they provide valuable insights into the overall experience with the cake shop. Positive reviews often indicate consistent quality, excellent customer service, and timely delivery. Conversely, negative reviews can serve as warning signs regarding issues such as subpar products or unreliable service.

Ordering Process and Customer Service

A seamless ordering process is essential when choosing a cake shop for your special occasion needs. The chosen bakery should offer convenient ways to place orders, whether through their website or by direct contact via phone or email. Moreover, prompt responses from their end will ensure that your queries are addressed efficiently.

Furthermore, exceptional customer service is a key differentiator for any business, including cake shops. From providing detailed information about their offerings to accommodating specific requests regarding customization or dietary restrictions, outstanding customer service can significantly enhance your experience with the selected cake shop.

Choosing the Perfect Cake for Birthdays and Celebrations

Popular Cake Options

Finding the best cake shop is crucial. Different occasions call for different cakes. For birthdays, you might want to consider a classic chocolate cake or a moist and flavorful carrot cake. These options are popular choices and can be found at various bakeries across the city.

For more formal celebrations like corporate events or anniversaries, elegant chiffon cakes could be an ideal choice. The lightness of chiffon cakes makes them suitable for such occasions. If you’re hosting a children’s party, colorful and fun cupcakes can bring joy to the event.

Customization Options

Many cake shops in Singapore offer customization services to make your celebration truly memorable. You may have specific design ideas or flavor preferences that you’d like to incorporate into your chosen cake. From selecting unique flavors to adding personalized messages or themed decorations, these customization options allow you to create a one-of-a-kind dessert tailored specifically for your event.

Whether it’s adjusting the sweetness level, choosing from a variety of cream fillings, or opting for specific sizes such as whole cakes or individual inch cakes, there are numerous ways to customize your order according to your preferences.

Conclusion: Indulging in Singapore’s Cake Scene

Diverse Offerings

Singapore’s best cake shops offer a wide array of flavors and designs, catering to various tastes and preferences. From traditional favorites like chocolate and vanilla to innovative creations like matcha tiramisu and durian mousse, there’s something for everyone. These talented bakers infuse local and international influences into their creations, resulting in a delightful fusion of flavors. The cakes are not just desserts; they’re a representation of Singapore’s diverse culinary landscape.

Local businesses play a crucial role in shaping the vibrant food culture of Singapore. By supporting these cake shops, individuals contribute to the preservation of traditional recipes while also encouraging culinary innovation. Each visit to a cake shop is an opportunity to experience the creativity and dedication of local bakers, making it a fulfilling experience for both locals and tourists.

Wide Array of Experiences

Exploring Singapore’s cake scene allows individuals to embark on a flavorful journey, discovering unique tastes and textures that tantalize the taste buds. Whether it’s indulging in a slice of rich, moist chocolate cake at a cozy neighborhood bakery or savoring an intricately designed opera cake at an upscale patisserie, every experience is distinct. The cake shops not only offer delectable treats but also provide cozy ambiances that make every visit memorable.

The variety of cakes available in Singapore caters to different occasions and preferences. From elegant wedding cakes adorned with delicate sugar flowers to whimsical birthday cakes featuring beloved cartoon characters, there’s no shortage of options. Each cake tells a story, making celebrations even more special with its presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a cake shop in Singapore?

When selecting a cake shop, consider factors such as reputation, variety of offerings, quality of ingredients, customization options, and customer reviews. These elements ensure you find a reputable and reliable cake shop that meets your specific needs.

How can I choose the perfect cake for birthdays and celebrations?

To select the ideal cake for special occasions, consider the recipient’s preferences, dietary restrictions, theme of the event, and any personalized touches you’d like to include. This ensures that the chosen cake aligns perfectly with the celebration.

What makes Singapore’s finest cake shops stand out from others?

The best cake shops in Singapore distinguish themselves through exceptional creativity, use of premium ingredients, diverse flavor profiles, attention to detail in design and presentation. They prioritize customer satisfaction by offering unique experiences tailored to individual preferences.

How can I satisfy my sweet tooth with Singapore’s best cakes?

Indulge your sweet cravings by exploring an array of delectable cakes crafted by renowned pastry chefs using high-quality ingredients. Whether it’s classic flavors or innovative creations you seek – these top-tier establishments cater to every dessert lover’s palate.

Why should I celebrate special occasions at premier cake shops in Singapore?

Celebrating milestones at premier cake shops elevates your experience with exquisite confections tailored to commemorate significant events. The meticulous craftsmanship and personalized service offered create unforgettable moments that add an extra layer of joy to your celebrations.

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