Best Digital Lock Singapore 2024: Top 7 Picks

Discover the top digital locks, including deadbolt and biosecure options, available in Singapore for enhanced home security. These advanced locks offer remote unlocking capabilities, providing convenient and secure access to homes. Stay updated with the latest advancements in smart locks technology, including digital deadbolt locks, for your Singaporean home. Upgrade from traditional locks to enjoy the convenience of remote unlocking. Discover the top recommended digital locks, including deadbolt and remote unlocking options, for your smart home in Singapore. Experts highly recommend these biosecure locks. Explore a wide range of options to choose from. Discover why investing in a keyless digital lock is a wise choice for homeowners in Singapore. With the increasing concern for home security, traditional locks are no longer enough to keep homes safe. By upgrading to a keyless deadbolt, homeowners can enjoy enhanced security and convenience. Get insights into the benefits of using keyless digital locks and how they can improve your home security. Replace traditional mechanical keys with a deadbolt and enjoy added convenience and enhanced protection for your doors.

LockSINGGATE FR055 Face Recognition Digital Door Lock with 7 Unlocking Method5.0⭐Check Price
Lock (1)Philips Package F / Digital Lock Bundle With 3 Years Onsite Warranty / Easykey 5100 + Easykey 5100-K | Hoz Digital Lock5.0⭐Check Price
Lock (2)SINGGATE FR006 Video Call Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock + FM021 Digital Gate Lock Bundle4.6⭐Check Price
Lock (3)Hafele PP8100 And Hafele GL5600 | Hoz Digital Lock4.7⭐Check Price
Lock (4)Samsung 2-Way Digital Smart DoorLock zigbang SHS-2920 with FREEBIES4.6⭐Check Price
Lock (5)Tan Yichun3DFace Recognition Smart Door LockBPassword Lock Fingerprint Lock Home Smart Door Lock Face5.0⭐Check Price
Lock (6)Face Recognition Smart Lock Fingerprint Lock Household Anti-Theft Door Password Lock Automatic Electro5.0⭐Check Price

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital or Smart Door Lock in Singapore

There are several important factors that you need to consider when it comes to the time, price, AA, and doors. Let’s dive into these factors and explore what you should look for when selecting the best digital locks, including deadbolts, keyless options, and those that use mechanical keys.

Understand Important Considerations

Before making a purchase, it is crucial to understand the important factors that should guide your decision-making process, such as price, specifications, and modes. Click here for more information. This will help ensure that you choose a smart lock, such as a digital door lock or a smart deadbolt, that meets your specific needs and requirements for your smart home. Some key considerations include:

  • Compatibility: When considering smart locks, it is important to check if the digital lock you are considering is compatible with your existing deadbolt and mechanical keys. Make sure to review the specifications before making a decision. Different deadbolt locks may have different installation requirements, so make sure it can be easily installed on your door without any major modifications. Check the specifications and key features to ensure compatibility with your door’s mechanical keys.

  • Security Level: The level of security provided by smart locks, which offer key features like digital access and mechanical keys, is paramount. These top-notch locks ensure maximum security for your home or office. Look for locks that offer advanced security features such as encryption, tamper alarm systems, and multiple authentication methods like PIN codes, fingerprint recognition, or Bluetooth connectivity. These locks, also known as digital doors, provide enhanced security compared to traditional mechanical keys. Additionally, they offer the convenience of unlocking with a simple click and come at an affordable price.

  • Convenience and Ease-of-Use: A smart door lock should enhance convenience and ease-of-use with its key features. With just a click, the Yale smart door lock provides convenience and ease-of-use, measuring at just mm. Consider features like remote access through mobile apps for smart locks, voice control compatibility with virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant, and auto-locking capabilities for added peace of mind with digital door locks. Click and mm.

Key Features to Look For

  1. Smart locks offer key features such as biometric authentication options like fingerprint recognition or facial recognition. Look for digital door locks that have this lock feature. These smart locks, also known as digital door locks or smart door locks, provide an extra layer of security and convenience as you won’t have to worry about carrying keys or remembering passcodes. The facial recognition smart lock is a great example of this technology.

  2. Ensure that the smart locks you choose have key features like seamless integration with a mobile app, mm compatibility, and compatibility with other locks. This will allow you to control and monitor your digital door lock remotely from anywhere using your smartphone.

  3. Battery Life: Check the battery life of the digital door lock you are considering. Look for digital door locks with long-lasting batteries or those that offer low battery notifications to avoid being locked out unexpectedly.

  4. Durability and Weather Resistance: When selecting a digital lock for outdoor use, it is crucial to consider its durability and weather resistance. This is especially true for smart locks, which need to withstand various outdoor elements. Look for high-quality locks made from materials that can withstand harsh conditions and have a thickness of at least mm.

Budget Considerations

When selecting a digital door lock, it is important to take into account your budget for smart locks. Digital locks, including the MM series, come in a range of prices. Determine how much you are willing to spend on an MM digital lock while also considering the features and security level you desire. Remember, investing in reliable and secure smart locks is essential for the safety of your home and loved ones.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues can arise when integrating a new mm lock, such as smart locks, with your existing door setup. This is especially true when trying to integrate a digital lock. Ensure that the smart locks you choose can be easily installed on your door without any major modifications or additional expenses. If you have any doubts about the compatibility of your mm or smart door lock, it’s always advisable to consult with professionals. This is especially important if you are considering installing a mortise lock.

When selecting the best digital lock for your home in Singapore, it’s essential to understand the factors involved in making an informed decision. One popular option is the digital lock, which offers advanced security features and convenience. With its state-of-the-art technology, the digital lock provides peace of mind and protection for your home. Whether you’re looking for a keypad or fingerprint recognition system, the digital lock has you covered. Make your home more secure with the digital lock today. Consider the compatibility, security level, convenience, and key features of a smart door lock before making your final choice. Also, take into account the durability and weather resistance specifications, as well as any budget considerations and compatibility issues. Make sure to check out reputable brands for their digital door lock specifications.

SINGGATE FR055 Face Recognition Digital Door Lock with 7 Unlocking Method

The SINGGATE FR055 is a top-notch digital door lock in Singapore that offers an impressive array of unlocking methods. With this lock, you can choose from seven different ways to access your door, ensuring convenience and security for you and your loved ones.

Face Recognition

One of the standout features of the FR055 is its advanced face recognition technology, which meets the digital door lock specifications set by. Simply stand in front of the door, and it will quickly scan your face to grant you access. This cutting-edge technology, known as the digital door lock specifications, not only provides a high level of security but also adds a touch of futuristic flair to your home.

Palm Recognition

In addition to face recognition, the FR055 also supports palm recognition, making it a versatile digital door lock with advanced specifications. By placing your palm on the sensor, you can unlock the door effortlessly. This feature is particularly useful when you have your hands full or when facial recognition may not be as accurate due to external factors such as low lighting conditions. With its digital door lock specifications, this feature ensures convenience and reliability in various situations.

Fingerprint (100 fingerprint)

For those who prefer a more traditional method, the FR055 offers fingerprint unlocking capability for your digital door. You can register up to 100 fingerprints with the digital door lock specifications, allowing multiple family members or authorized individuals easy access to your home. This digital door lock method ensures quick and secure entry without the need for keys or cards.

Pin Code

Another convenient way to unlock the FR055 digital door is through a pin code. Simply enter your unique pin on the keypad, and the door will open for you. This digital door lock method is ideal for those who want a straightforward and reliable option that doesn’t require any additional devices.

RFID Cards

If you prefer using cards instead of remembering codes or relying on biometric data, the FR055 digital door lock has got you covered. It comes with RFID cards that can be easily tapped on the lock’s reader to gain access. These portable and convenient digital door lock cards are an excellent choice for families with children or frequent visitors.

Emergency Keys (2 key is given)

Even with all the high-tech unlocking methods available, it’s always good to have a backup plan. The FR055 digital door lock includes two emergency keys that you can use in case of any unforeseen circumstances. These door lock keys ensure that you can still access your home even if there are issues with the electronic components.

Mobile Apps (WIFI) with One Time Password, REMOTELY unlock from far and Check history record

The FR055 door lock takes convenience to the next level by offering mobile app integration. With the accompanying app, you can remotely unlock your door from anywhere using your smartphone. You can generate one-time passwords for temporary access to your door lock and keep track of entry records for added security.

The SINGGATE FR055 Digital Door Lock sets itself apart from other digital locks in Singapore with its exceptional features and functionalities. Here are some additional reasons why this lock is worth considering:

⭕ Emergency power bank door lock jump start: The FR055 comes equipped with an emergency power bank feature that allows you to jump-start your car battery in case of door lock emergencies.

⭕ Water-resistant with IP64 rating: This lock is designed to withstand water splashes and dust particles, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Philips Package F / Digital Lock Bundle With 3 Years Onsite Warranty / Easykey 5100 + Easykey 5100-K | Hoz Digital Lock

The Philips Package F is an excellent bundle for securing both your main door and gate with advanced digital lock technology. This package includes the Philips 5100 digital lock for your main door and the Philips 5100K digital lock for your gate. Let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of these locks.

Main Door Lock: Philips 5100

The Philips 5100 digital lock offers multiple unlocking methods to provide convenience and security. You can unlock the door using any of the following four modes:

  1. Fingerprint: Register your fingerprint on the lock, and you can easily unlock it by placing your finger on the sensor.

  2. Set a unique PIN code to access your home without needing any physical keys. With this door lock, you can easily enter your home by entering the correct PIN code.

  3. RFID card: Use an RFID card that comes with the lock to tap and unlock.

  4. Bluetooth: Connect your smartphone to the lock via Bluetooth, allowing you to unlock it using a dedicated mobile app.

Installation of this digital lock is hassle-free as it can be placed above your current door handle, eliminating the need for extensive modifications or replacements.

The Philips 5100 also comes with several impressive features, including a door lock.

  • WIFI features (Optional Upgrade): Upgrade to WIFI capabilities for remote control and monitoring of your lock from anywhere.

  • Swift Recognition: Unlocking takes less than half a second, ensuring quick access when you need it most.

  • PIN Randomizer: The lock automatically randomizes the position of numbers on the keypad after each use, making it harder for others to guess your PIN code.

  • Mute Mode: Silence mode allows you to disable sound notifications while operating the lock.

Gate Lock: Philips 5100K

The Philips 5100K digital lock is designed specifically for securing your gate. It offers six different unlocking methods to suit your preferences:

  1. Fingerprint: Similar to the main door lock, you can register your fingerprint on the sensor for easy access.

  2. PIN Code: Set a unique PIN code to unlock the gate without needing physical keys.

  3. RFID Card: Tap an RFID card on the lock to unlock it quickly.

  4. Mechanical Key: In case of emergencies or power outages, you can use the traditional door lock’s mechanical key to open the gate.

  5. Bluetooth: Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and unlock the gate using a mobile app.

  6. Remote Control: Control and unlock your gate from a distance with a dedicated remote control.

Installation of the Philips 5100K door lock is straightforward as it replaces your current gate handle, ensuring compatibility with most existing setups.

Some notable features of this digital lock include:

  • WIFI features (Optional Upgrade): Enjoy WIFI connectivity for convenient remote control and monitoring of your gate lock.

  • Emergency Overriding Key (Gate Only): In case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as system malfunctions or dead batteries, you can still use a physical key to manually open the door lock.

  • Swift Recognition

SINGGATE FR006 Video Call Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock + FM021 Digital Gate Lock Bundle

The SINGGATE FR006 Video Call Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock and FM021 Digital Gate Lock bundle set is an excellent choice for securing your home in Singapore. This package includes both a digital door lock and a gate lock, providing comprehensive security for your property.

SINGGATE FR006 Video Call Smart Viewer Digital Door Lock

The FR006 Wooden Door Lock is packed with smart features that make it convenient and secure. It offers multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint recognition, PIN code entry, RFID cards, and even mobile app access. With up to 100 fingerprints registered, you can easily grant access to family members or trusted individuals with the door lock.

One standout feature of the FR006 is its video call capability, which makes it an excellent choice for a door lock. You can remotely unlock the door by using the video call function on your mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to verify the identity of visitors before granting them access to your home. The lock keeps a record of all activities, so you can monitor who enters and exits your premises.

FM021 Digital Gate Lock with Multiple Unlocking Methods

The FM021 Gate Lock provides secure access control for your metal gate. It offers various unlocking methods such as fingerprint recognition, PIN code entry, RFID cards, emergency keys, and even mobile app access via Wi-Fi connectivity. With these options at hand, you have flexibility in choosing how you want to enter your property.

This gate lock supports up to 100 registered fingerprints and allows you to assign unique PIN codes or RFID cards for different users. The mobile app feature enables remote unlocking and monitoring of gate activity from anywhere using your smartphone.

Why Buy This Bundle?

There are several reasons why this SINGGATE bundle stands out as one of the best digital locks available in Singapore:

  1. Feature-packed security: The FR006 and FM021 locks offer a wide range of smart functions, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

  2. Emergency power bank jump start: In case of a power outage or battery failure, the locks come with an emergency power bank feature that allows you to jump-start the lock using an external power source.

  3. Water-resistant with IP64 rating: The locks are designed to withstand Singapore’s tropical climate, making them resistant to water splashes and dust.

  4. Local brand and local support: SINGGATE is a trusted local brand known for its quality products and excellent customer service. You can rely on their expertise and prompt support whenever needed.

  5. Free installation with 2 years on-site warranty: Enjoy hassle-free installation by trained engineers who will replace your existing lock at no additional cost. The locks also come with a comprehensive 2-year on-site warranty, covering any manufacturer defects.

  6. Long-lasting battery life: Both the FR006 and FM021 locks use rechargeable lithium batteries that require only 3 to 4 hours of charging time but can last up to 3 to 4 months before needing another charge.

Hafele PP8100 And Hafele GL5600 | Hoz Digital Lock

The Hafele PP8100 and GL5600 bundle is a fantastic choice for securing your home. With the PP8100 as the main door lock and the GL5600 as the gate lock, you can enjoy advanced security features and convenient access methods.

Main Door Lock: Hafele PP8100 | Will Replace Your Current Door Handle

The Hafele PP8100 is a high-quality digital lock that will replace your current door handle. It offers five different modes of unlocking, ensuring that you have multiple options to enter your home.

  1. Fingerprint: You can register multiple fingerprints for easy access.

  2. PIN Code: Set a unique PIN code to unlock the door.

  3. RFID Tags & Stickers: Use RFID tags or stickers for quick entry.

  4. Physical Key: In case of emergencies or power outages, you can always rely on the physical key to unlock the door.

  5. Bluetooth: Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth for seamless unlocking.

The Hafele PP8100 comes with several impressive features that enhance its functionality and security:

  • Double Verification Function: You have the option to enable double verification using fingerprint, PIN code, or RFID card, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Changeable Auto and Manual Locking Mode: Customize how your door locks automatically or manually according to your preferences.

  • Defense/Away Mode: Increase security when no one is at home by activating this mode.

  • Voice Guide Feature: The lock provides voice guidance in both English and Chinese languages for easier operation.

  • Fake Passcode Function: Enter a fake passcode before entering the real one to prevent others from guessing it.

  • Double Locking: Activate double locking from inside the house for enhanced security while you’re indoors.

  • Low Battery Warning: The lock alerts you with a sound when the battery is running low.

  • Handle: The fixed front handle and pull back handle offer convenience and ease of use.

  • Electric Shock Resistance: The lock is designed to withstand electric shocks, ensuring safety.

Main Gate Lock: Hafele GL5600 | Will Replace Your Current Gate Handle

The Hafele GL5600 is the ideal choice for securing your main gate. It offers five different unlocking methods, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

  1. Fingerprint: Register your fingerprint for quick and easy access to your property.

  2. PIN Code: Set a unique PIN code to unlock the gate.

  3. RFID Tags & Stickers: Use RFID tags or stickers for hassle-free entry.

  4. Physical Key: Keep a physical key as a backup option in case of emergencies or power outages.

  5. Remote Control: Access your gate with the included remote control, adding another layer of convenience.

The Hafele GL5600 comes with notable features that enhance its functionality:

  • Voice Guide Feature: Similar to the PP8100, this lock also provides voice guidance in English and Chinese languages.

  • Managed By A Master Password and User Password

Samsung 2-Way Digital Smart DoorLock zigbang SHS-2920 with FREEBIES

The Samsung 2-Way Digital Smart DoorLock zigbang SHS-2920 is a top contender. This model, manufactured by Samsung, offers a range of features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for securing your home or office.

Product Information

Let’s delve into the specifications and details of the Samsung 2-Way Digital Smart DoorLock zigbang SHS-2920:

  • Model Name: SHS-2920

  • Color: Black

  • Front Body Specification: 67mm (W) X 157.1mm (H) X 16.5mm (D)

  • Main Body Specification: 158mm (W) X 89mm (H) X 44.5mm (D)

  • Weight: 1.3 kg

  • Two card key tags included

  • Additional smart tag key color sent randomly

Key Features and Benefits

The Samsung SHS-2920 offers several impressive features that set it apart from other digital locks on the market:

Tamper Alarm:

  • The lock is equipped with a tamper alarm function, providing an added layer of security against unauthorized access attempts.

  • If someone tries to tamper with the lock or force entry, an audible alarm will sound, alerting you and deterring potential intruders.

WiFi Connectivity:

  • With built-in WiFi capabilities, this digital lock allows you to connect it to your home or office network.

  • You can control and monitor the lock remotely using your smartphone or tablet through dedicated apps.

Free Installation:

  • When purchasing this digital lock, many sellers offer free installation services for added convenience.

  • This ensures that you can have your new lock professionally installed without any additional cost.

Long Battery Life:

  • The Samsung SHS-2920 operates on lithium batteries, providing a long-lasting power source.

  • You won’t have to worry about frequent battery replacements, as the lock’s energy-efficient design extends its battery life.

Scheduled Pins:

  • This digital lock allows you to set scheduled pins, granting temporary access to specific individuals during designated time frames.

  • It is particularly useful for granting access to service providers or guests without compromising security.

Available Colors and Authenticity

The Samsung SHS-2920 comes in various colors to suit your aesthetic preferences and complement your door’s appearance. While the additional smart tag key color is sent randomly, you can expect a stylish and sleek design that adds a touch of modernity to your space.

It is important to note that this product is 100% authentic. Sellers ensure that they provide the most recent products with an expiration date, ensuring you receive the latest version of the Samsung SHS-2920 digital lock.

Where to Buy

To purchase the Samsung 2-Way Digital Smart DoorLock zigbang SHS-2920, you can explore popular online platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.

Tan Yichun3DFace Recognition Smart Door LockBPassword Lock Fingerprint Lock Home Smart Door Lock Face

Tan Yichun is a renowned brand in the smart door lock industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for home security. One of their standout features is the innovative face recognition technology incorporated into their smart door lock models. With this advanced feature, you can enjoy a seamless and secure access control system for your home.

Accurate Face Recognition in Low-Light Conditions

One of the key advantages of Tan Yichun’s face recognition technology is its ability to accurately identify individuals even in low-light conditions. Traditional facial recognition systems often struggle in dimly lit environments, leading to errors and inconvenience. However, Tan Yichun has overcome this challenge by integrating high-quality sensors and algorithms that ensure reliable performance regardless of lighting conditions.

Convenience of Password Lock and Fingerprint Lock Options

In addition to face recognition, Tan Yichun smart door locks also offer the convenience of password lock and fingerprint lock options. This versatility allows you to choose the authentication method that suits your preferences best. Whether you prefer entering a unique password or using your fingerprint for quick access, Tan Yichun has got you covered.

Robust Construction for Enhanced Security

Robust construction plays a crucial role. Tan Yichun understands this importance and has designed their smart door locks with durability in mind. These locks are built using high-quality materials that provide reliable protection against break-ins and unauthorized access attempts.

Advanced Encryption Technology for Enhanced Security

Security is always a top priority. With Tan Yichun smart door locks, you can rest assured knowing that they utilize advanced encryption technology to safeguard your property effectively. This ensures that your personal data remains secure from potential hackers or intruders.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Access Control Customization

Tan Yichun offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize access control settings according to your preferences. Whether you want to grant temporary access to guests or set specific time restrictions, the intuitive interface makes it easy to manage and configure these settings without any hassle.

Face Recognition Smart Lock Fingerprint Lock Household Anti-Theft Door Password Lock Automatic Electro

Smart Locks with Advanced Security Features

Smart locks have revolutionized home security, providing convenience and peace of mind to homeowners. One of the best digital lock options available in Singapore is the Face Recognition Smart Lock Fingerprint Lock Household Anti-Theft Door Password Lock Automatic Electro. This smart lock combines various cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum security for your home.

Biometric Technology for Enhanced Protection

The key feature of this smart lock is its biometric technology, which includes face recognition and fingerprint recognition. With face recognition, you can simply look at the lock’s camera, and it will authenticate your identity within seconds. Similarly, fingerprint recognition allows you to unlock the door by placing your finger on the sensor. These biometric features provide an extra layer of protection as they are unique to each individual and cannot be easily replicated.

RFID Tags for Convenient Access Control

In addition to biometric technology, this smart lock also supports RFID tags. You can assign RFID tags to family members or trusted individuals who frequently access your home. These tags can be easily scanned by the lock, granting quick and convenient access without the need for keys or passwords.

Anti-Theft Features for Added Security

The anti-theft features of this smart lock make it a reliable choice for securing your home. It has an automatic electro-mechanical locking system that ensures the door is securely locked every time it closes. This prevents unauthorized entry and enhances overall safety.

Battery-Powered with Manual Key Backup

This smart lock operates on battery power, specifically AA batteries. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to worry about wiring or power outlets near your door. In case of battery failure or emergencies, there is a manual key backup option available so that you can still gain access to your home.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface

Installing this smart lock is a breeze, and you don’t need any special tools or technical expertise. The user-friendly interface guides you through the setup process, making it accessible to anyone. Once installed, the lock can be easily operated using intuitive controls and a clear display.

Atlas Power Management System

The Face Recognition Smart Lock Fingerprint Lock Household Anti-Theft Door Password Lock Automatic Electro comes equipped with an Atlas power management system. This system optimizes power consumption, ensuring that the batteries last longer without compromising on security.

Perfect for Family Homes

This smart lock is an ideal choice for family homes due to its advanced security features and user-friendly design. With multiple access options like face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and RFID tags, each family member can have their preferred method of unlocking the door. It provides convenience while maintaining a high level of security.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Digital Lock for Your Singaporean Home

We discussed different options available in the market, such as the SINGGATE FR055 Face Recognition Digital Door Lock with 7 Unlocking Method, Philips Package F / Digital Lock Bundle With 3 Years Onsite Warranty / Easykey 5100 + Easykey 5100-K by Hoz Digital Lock, and the Samsung 2-Way Digital Smart DoorLock zigbang SHS-2920 with FREEBIES. We highlighted features like video call capabilities, fingerprint recognition, and password locks that these locks offer. By providing detailed information about each option, we aimed to help you make an informed decision for your home security needs.

It is essential to consider factors such as security features, ease of use, warranty coverage, and compatibility with your existing door. Remember to assess your specific requirements and preferences before making a purchase. To ensure you make the right choice, consult with professionals or seek advice from trusted sources. By investing in a reliable digital lock that suits your needs and provides peace of mind, you can enhance the security of your home.


Q1: Are digital locks more secure than traditional locks?

Digital locks offer advanced security features such as biometric recognition and encryption technology that provide enhanced protection compared to traditional locks. However, it’s important to choose a reputable brand known for its quality and reliability.

Q2: Can I install a digital lock on my existing door?

Yes, most digital locks are designed to be compatible with standard doors and can be installed without major modifications. However, it’s advisable to check the specifications of the lock and consult with professionals if needed.

Q3: How long does the battery of a digital lock last?

The battery life of a digital lock varies depending on factors such as usage frequency and the type of batteries used. Generally, most digital locks have a battery life ranging from several months to a few years.

Q4: Can I still use traditional keys with a digital lock?

Many digital locks offer multiple unlocking methods, including traditional keys, as a backup option in case of emergencies or technical issues.

Q5: What happens if the digital lock malfunctions or loses power?

Most digital locks have built-in mechanisms that allow manual unlocking in case of malfunctions or power outages. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific procedures on how to override the lock in such situations.

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