10 Best Shower Chairs in Singapore

2b522203-44db-4df0-8227-441c7ba00d0eUpgraded Shower Chair With Backrest & Arm Support & Suction Cups & Shower Head Attachment4.9 ⭐Check Price
aa1e4ea1d551c14d138fbb571d375d6fCommode Chair5.0 ⭐Check Price
3c30bc34646f4a11e812a92915fc1d5cMEDPRO™ NEW Curved Toilet Shower Chair4.9 ⭐Check Price
9a79b62052b322645d07ca7b8342d6eeElderly shower safety bath Chair with Backrest and Handles Safety Anti-slip Shower Chair4.8 ⭐Check Price
71VJ_PKNB4LShower Chair - with Back Scrubber & Additional Sponge4.6 ⭐Check Price
516RcjeqRsLCarex Bath Seat And Shower Chair With Back4.8 ⭐Check Price
81qVP_HgQ8LFlash Furniture HERCULES Series4.6 ⭐Check Price
https_ shope.ee 1VRYx2xRyaYad Elderly Bath Chair4.8 ⭐Check Price
https_ shope.ee 20NpXz40kEElderly Bath Chair Shower Chair4.9 ⭐Check Price
https_ shope.ee 9p6gsOVO1QShower Chair - Lightweight Adjustable Height4.9 ⭐Check Price

What are the Benefits of Shower Chairs?

Make shower accidents a thing of the past when you invest in a quality shower chair. A shower chair is a specialised seating device typically used as an aid for individuals who have difficulty standing for long periods of time.

With a good, resistant aluminium frame, you won’t have to worry about your family member slipping and falling in the shower. Although shower chairs are normally used by the elderly, they can also be used by individuals with mobility or balance issues, those with disabilities, pregnant women, post-surgery patients, or people recovering from injuries that impair movement. Shower chairs have been promoted by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) as a helpful shower aid.

The main benefit of a shower chair is its ability to enable individuals to shower safely and independently, providing them privacy. Individuals who have difficulty standing for long periods of time can now shower on their own without the risk of falling, and without requiring external aid from a caregiver. Data has shown that individuals with mobility issues experience greater stability when showering with a bath stool.

Additionally, a quality shower chair provides comfort for the user and rewards them with a more stress-free shower. Some also come with a backrest and built in handles for added comfort.

Frequent travellers may want to consider portable products. The lightweight aluminium frame characteristic of a shower chair allows for easy movement of the chair so that it can be used in different bathrooms or even brought along on trips.

If you are shopping for a shower chair, you could consider different types of stools that cater to the user’s specific needs. Here, we provide a list for you to find more information on the best sort of shower chairs to buy.

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Best Shower Chairs to Buy in Singapore

1. Upgraded Shower Chair With Backrest & Arm Support & Suction Cups & Shower Head Attachment


This shower chair includes an attachment to place the shower head, allowing the user to shower hands-free. With a backrest, armrests, and a wide seat, it is extremely comfortable for users with different needs. You can adjust it to 6 different heights. The chair also comes with two sets of legs: normal legs and extra-large suction cup legs to ensure the chair stays firmly in position.

2. Commode Chair , Shower Chair for Elderly, choice of Aluminium & Steel powder coated paint


Choose from several types of shower chairs, including chairs specifically meant for using the toilet. While on the slightly pricey end, this shower chair has 4” wheels that allow for easy movement. Users who find it difficult moving from the toilet seat to the shower will have a much easier time with this lightweight aluminum frame. However, it has a fixed height and is not adjustable.

3. MEDPRO™ NEW Curved Toilet Shower Chair with Suction Base & Adjustable Height Legs


With a height-adjustable seat and anti-slip rubber padding, this space saving shower chair places comfort and safety first. The lightweight aluminum frame is also resistant to rust, so you don’t have to worry about needing to replace your shower chair too soon. Additionally, the sides of the seat feature ergonomic hand grips, and there are also 2 slots on the chair for the showerhead. However, this particular model does not come with a backrest.

4. Elderly shower safety bath Chair with Backrest and Handles Safety Anti-slip Shower Chair for Pregnant Disabled


Want a fast-delivery, wallet-friendly option? This shower seat is the perfect candidate. Featuring 6 adjustable height levels, anti-slip tips, ergonomic handles and an aluminium frame, this shower chair rewards your family member with enhanced stability.

5. Shower Chair – with Back Scrubber & Additional Sponge


The most affordable shower chair on Amazon, this shower chair goes from heights of 13 to 19 inches. As an added bonus, it even provides a bath sponge scrubber and additional sponge! Featuring a removable back, you can have the best of both worlds – with or without a backrest. The resistant aluminium frame makes cleaning a breeze. This shower chair is also lightweight and portable, making it great to have for travelling.

6. Carex Bath Seat And Shower Chair With Back


Slightly up the Amazon price range is the Carex bath seat. Manufactured in the USA, you can rest assured that this shower chair has been rigorously tested through stringent QA standards. Able to support a weight of up to 400 lbs, this shower chair is adjustable and easily disassembled.

7. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 300 Lb. Capacity Adjustable Teal Bath & Shower Chair with Quick Release Back & Arms

A stylish fill in any bathroom, this medical-grade versatile shower chair can be used with a detachable backrest and arms. It includes drain holes in the seat for easier cleaning. The sturdy chair is secured with anti-slip seat and rubber feet, ensuring utmost safety. Holding up to 300 lbs, this shower chair is sure to fit most needs.

8. Standard Shower Chair With Backrest


The Standard Shower Chair With Backrest is a versatile and sturdy chair that can be used as a shower chair or bench. Its backrest can be removed for added convenience. The chair is made of high-quality aluminum alloy tube, which makes it lightweight yet sturdy, and can support a maximum weight of 136kg. The seat features a high-grade non-slip pattern and can be adjusted to 6 different heights, ranging from 39cm to 52cm. The chair is easy to install with its detachable design and screws that do not require tools.

9. Aluminium Stationary Toilet Commode Chair With PVC Seat Cushion Medpro Medical Supplies


This is a shower commode chair designed for individuals who require assistance with their personal care needs. The chair is made of lightweight and durable aluminium frame with a waterproof PVC backrest for added support. It features a removable bucket and a clip-on seat for easy cleaning. The chair comes with a 2-inch PVC cushion for added comfort during showering. The chair is height adjustable, and the non-skid rubber tip provides stability during use.

10. BION Shower Chair with Armrests 004


The BION Shower Chair with Armrests 004 is designed to provide additional support for users without access to grab bars in their bathroom. It features removable handles that can be used to help users lift themselves up after bathing. The chair also has a waterproof seat and backrest, height adjustable legs, anti-slip rubber stoppers, and cushioned handles for added comfort.


Finding the right shower chair in Singapore may take some careful searching, but we hope the data in this list has helped you narrow your search down.

The best way to find the right sort of chair is to have yourself or your family member try it out!