10 Best Wheelchairs in Singapore

Did you know that there are currently over 100,000 wheelchair users in Singapore? This figure comprises of both seniors and people with disabilities.

There are a range of wheelchairs available depending on your needs. Most wheelchairs can be categorised into travelling wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and commode wheelchairs.

Here are 10 of the best wheelchairs you can buy in Singapore!

0567749c-b36e-4206-bf8b-6708f78b58cdFoldable Lightweight Wheelchair in SingaporeLightweight Wheelchairs4.8 ⭐Check Price
a341fb85-5679-450a-a373-731aac7bdb86Orion Neis lightweight electric wheelchairElectric Wheelchairs5.0 ⭐Check Price
ce2a5497-850b-4763-b43e-c9acd8d68c43Drive Electric foldable pmaElectric Wheelchairs4.0 ⭐Check Price
9d2e3e15-073b-435f-917c-0984fbcbc4dbCommode toilet wheelchair in singaporeCommode Wheelchairs4.9 ⭐Check Price
my-11134207-23020-tbfe3vuteanvd4Electric Wheelchair Kerusi Roda Elektrik ringan Lightweight Foldable Travel Transport Auto Motor Wheelchair Dr. ProtoElectric Wheelchairs4.3 ⭐Check Price
sg-11134207-7qvdu-lhrfb0bsyjvtc9Aluminum Wheelchair Lightweight Foldable Pushchair for Elderly High Quality Anti Rust Material wheelchairs push chairLightweight Wheelchairs4.5 ⭐Check Price
8ea9672cd3767c27b62cd9856500f900WD-10 GT MEDIT GERMANY Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Foldable Travel Transport Wheel ChairLightweight Wheelchairs4.6 ⭐Check Price
sg-11134207-7qve4-lfmhc1klqkpu09Lightweight Wheelchair Push Chair Ultra Lightweight Light Weight Folding Foldable Good Quality 7Kg Elderly DisabledElectric Wheelchairs5.0 ⭐Check Price
36f44741b7133084425b62ad01777eb4BION iLight Wheelchair EZ 12.8kgs Cushioned Armrests Aluminium FoldablePushchair5.0 ⭐Check Price
0ea12be9eed42a000f6ccb120cc84ac9Lightweight Wheelchair foldable Push Chair for elderly chair small wheelchairs for adult transport portable wheel chairPushchair4.9 ⭐Check Price

Wheelchairs from Shopee Singapore

Lightweight Wheelchairs

1. Foldable Lightweight Wheelchair in Singapore

If you are looking for a sturdy and yet portable wheelchair, this may be the one for you. This wheelchair weighs only 11kg, whereas the average wheelchair weighs 15kg to 18kg or more. It is also foldable, which makes this wheelchair very easy to keep in the car boot or carry around.

At the same time, this wheelchair is extremely sturdy, with a weight capacity of 100kg. The footrests are made of metal alloy, a great material which is both lightweight and durable, unlike cheaper plastics.

Electric Wheelchairs

2. Orion Neis lightweight electric wheelchair

Not all users will have a permanent caregiver with them 24 hours a day. In this case, it is better to buy an electric one which will give them the autonomy to head out and move around independently.

This Orion Neis electric wheelchair comprises of a patented motor and 2 batteries. Each battery powers the wheelchair for 10km. The wheelchair runs at a speed of up to 6km/hr. It also has good safety features including an anti-skid wheel and a great shock absorption system. The maximum weight capacity is 200kg.

3. Drive Electric foldable PMA

Want a wheelchair that’s both portable and motorised? Drive Bikes offers a foldable motorised PMA that’s made of lightweight and durable aluminium alloy. The vehicle’s length and width are 102cm and 63cm respectively. However, it can be folded into a size of 85cm and 39cm respectively.

Test rides are available for this PMA at their physical store in Sims Place.

Commode Wheelchairs

4. Commode toilet wheelchair in Singapore

Not everyone has the same degree of mobility issues. For example, some people struggle to do basic activities independently. In such cases, you may need to buy a commode wheelchair.

A commode wheelchair comes with a toilet and can be used for showering and toileting. This commode wheelchair comes in two varieties. The O-shaped wheelchair has better leg support, while the U-shaped variation makes cleaning easier.

The wheelchair is able to bear a maximum weight of 136kg. Customers also love that this commode wheelchair is also extremely portable, with a net weight of 7.5kg. Its seat width is 40cm, with 48cm length and 96cm height.

Electric Wheelchairs

5. Electric Wheelchair Kerusi Roda Elektrik ringan Lightweight Foldable Travel Transport Auto Motor Wheelchair Dr. Proto

The wheelchair available in Singapore comes with two types of batteries: Lead-Acid and Lithium. The Lithium battery has a voltage of 24V and a capacity of 12Ah. It takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge the battery. The controller for the wheelchair has a voltage of 24V and a capacity of 35A. The durable motor operates at a voltage of 24V and a power of 250W per motor. The charger required for the battery has a capacity of 1.8A. The seat of the wheelchair has a width of 450mm, a depth of 460mm, and a height of 440mm. The overall dimensions of the vehicle are as follows: length – 1175mm, width – 680mm, and height – 910mm. When folded, the width of the vehicle is reduced to 355mm. The wheelchair has a climbing ability of up to 10 degrees. It can travel a distance of 15-20km on a full charge and has a maximum speed of 6km/h. The weight capacity of the wheelchair is 120kg. The net weight of the wheelchair is 35kg, while the gross weight is 40kg.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

6. Aluminum Wheelchair Lightweight Foldable Pushchair for Elderly High Quality Anti Rust Material wheelchairs push chair

This wheelchair from Singapore has some great features. Firstly, it has a compact foldable footrest, making it easy to store and transport. The wheelchair is made of 4mm thick Aluminum Alloy, which not only makes it lightweight at 10.5kg but also ensures it is durable and resistant to rust. It also comes with an anti-tipper feature, which can be added upon top-up. The wheelchair has a weight capacity of 100kg and is equipped with ultra ball bearings for smooth movement. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame and offers future parts replacement.

7. WD-10 GT MEDIT GERMANY Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Foldable Travel Transport Wheel Chair

This wheelchair is made of an aluminium alloy, making it extra lightweight and easy to carry. It is foldable, allowing it to be conveniently stored in small spaces like car trunks. Perfect for travel, this wheelchair is both solid and reliable, while still being reasonably priced. The wide seat width and soft cushion padding ensure comfort during prolonged sitting. It also comes with extra-wide arm pads for added comfort. Safety features include hand brakes on both the handle and wheel sides, as well as an emergency brake that can be easily accessed by the user. Overall, this wheelchair is a great value buy for those in need of a portable and comfortable option.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

8. Lightweight Wheelchair Push Chair Ultra Lightweight Light Weight Folding Foldable Good Quality 7Kg Elderly Disabled

The lightweight wheelchair push chair offered in Singapore is highly regarded for its exceptional design and functionality. Manufactured with premium roller blade ball bearings and wheels, it guarantees durability and smooth maneuverability. This wheelchair is specifically designed to be lightweight and foldable, making it incredibly convenient for transportation on various modes of public transport, including MRT, buses, airplanes, and even cruise ships. Its compact size even allows it to be placed on the seat of a motorbike or bicycle. What sets this wheelchair apart from others is its special ball bearings, comparable to those found in high-quality rollerblades. Unlike cheaper alternatives that utilize a metal rod for rotation, this wheelchair prioritizes the quality of the ball bearing, resulting in enhanced performance and longevity. It’s essential to note that many manufacturers overlook the significance of the ball bearing, but with this wheelchair, users can expect a higher level of convenience and ease in their daily lives.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

9. BION iLight Wheelchair EZ 12.8kgs Cushioned Armrests Aluminium Foldable

The BION iLight Wheelchair EZ is a lightweight and foldable wheelchair designed for hospital and elderly use. This wheelchair weighs just 12.8kg while supporting a maximum weight of 100kg. Its seat width is 45cm, with 43cm length and 47cm height above the ground. It features cushioned armrests for comfort, as well as a ventilated seat and height adjustable footrests for added convenience. The wheelchair also comes with a seat belt, user brakes, ankle straps, and protective side guards for safety. Additionally, the wheelchair has high quality casters, solid wheels, and rubber tippers for smooth operation and durability. It also has attendant brakes and carrying handles for easy transport. The foldable backrest allows for easy storage and the delivery time for this product is 2 – 4 working days. Purchase this product easily in Singapore through Lazada!

10. Lightweight Wheelchair foldable Push Chair for elderly chair small wheelchairs for adult transport portable wheel chair

The wheelchair we offer in Singapore provides a 100% smoother pushing experience. This is thanks to our specially customized tire made of smooth soft PU material, which is perfect for the terrain in Singapore. Unlike many other affordable wheelchairs that use hard tires, our wheelchair eliminates vibrations and bumps, ensuring maximum comfort for both the user and the helper pushing it. Setting up our wheelchair is a breeze and can be done within 2 seconds. It’s so simple that even a 5-year-old child can do it after watching a quick video tutorial. Our wheelchair is designed to accommodate individuals with a larger build, comfortably supporting a weight of up to 100kg. For added safety, our wheelchair features permanent braking levers that can be applied when the user needs to exit. This prevents the wheelchair from rolling backward and eliminates the risk of accidents. The helper’s braking levers also allow for smoother and controlled pushing, ensuring a safer and more pleasant experience for both the user and the helper.

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There are a wide range of affordable and high-quality wheelchairs in Singapore. Shop at the above-mentioned e-commerce platforms to find a wheelchair that suits both the user and caregiver’s needs. You may also contact the local sellers for more assistance and information!